Here’s a few of the articles I’ve gathered from the 2008 season so far. Since I don’t get any of the paper’s here in Omaha, I try to find all the articles online. Feel free to grab whatever ones you want. If you have some that I don’t let me know and I’ll add them. Also if you want me to just email them all to you sometime I can do that too. That way the file names will look better.

Preseason Rankings – DesMoines Register
Coach Barnhill Preview – Newton Daily News
Preseason Rankings – Iowa Girls Highschool Athletic Union
Ames Pregame – Newton Ranking
Preseason Preview – Newton Chronicle
Ames preview – Ames Tribune
Ames Postgame – Ames Tribune
Ames Postgame – Newton Daily News
Grinnell Postgame – Newton Daily News
Osky Postgame – Newton Daily News
Osky Postgame – Oskaloosa Herald