I’m going to put a summary of this on the About page, but I wanted to create a blog of my daily technology support issues that I come across.  First a little background I guess, all of you techies/geeks should know exactly what I’m talking about.  Since I happen to go to school for Computer Science and work in IT, I am the official support person for all of my family and friends, and I guess all of their friends.  You almost have to be a tech person to understand the enormous number of crazy requests that we get.  99% of the time I am more than happy to help a friend out, even though sometimes I wish I could ask my accountant friends to do my taxes, my handy friends to fix my electrical in my house, or my insurance friends to underwrite me a plan or something, but it just doesn’t work that way.  Some people understand and are more than happy to pay or get me a gift certificate, which thats not the point of this blog.  We don’t help others for the money, at least after we have enough to live on, we help because we can and we enjoy the other persons satisfaction when they realize they didn’t break anything and it was relatively fast and easy to fix.  I also don’t want this blog to discourage people from asking me questions, because you don’t want to be posterized.  I’m going to try not to enter names, but I do want to separate what requests come from my family, friends and work, so sorry Grandma, you might get a couple mentions.

It’s funny, just because I know a little bit, some people think I can figure out anything that gets plugged in.  I’ll try to recap some old stories and try not to venture into other work related stories that aren’t tech related, but I’m sure they’ll come out some since I have my bachelors, worked for a big corporation for a few years and now a small LLC for a few years.  Not to mention all the gadgets and “crap” I have at my house to show off.

I also want to keep this light and fun.  I get some crazy requests and I’d like you to hear them, but at the same time, some things are very informational, even for me.  I’m hoping to also have this as a knowledge base to look back at some of the things I did to remember how to do them again.  So feel free to ask your questions here, I’ll try to help, but just like I tell my friends and family.  I have a full time job, a family (the wife has enough computer problems and the dog has a twitter account), and I enjoy to spend some time doing stuff I enjoy, so that stuff comes first, but other than that I’ll try to help where I can.

Speaking of work, I should get back to it, but there’s more to come.

I wasn’t sure if this would get posted here or not, but I guess so. The specialized posts will be on my nolancarson.posterous.com page.