Our coach/mascot, Berto, had so much faith in us that he threw us into the “gully” (“definition: Something from the streets, gutter, and/or gangsta”) without even showing up for our opener. We started out very well, by winning the coin toss then things took a turn. There were a few highlights though. An outstanding circus catch by Brian Galloway in right center, the flashy glove work by Dan Bourne & Ashley Blue in the middle infield and lockdown pitching by Mike Borcher & Andy Grier for the combined 13 hitter paved the way for the offense of Tyler Hughes, Michelle Leas & clean-up hitter, Lindsay Felberg to take over. That’s offense as in hitting and scoring runs, not being offensive, which Michelle’s mouth was also doing in left center field when the going got rough. A couple good notes: No golden sombrero’s were handed out for having 3 strike outs in 1 game. I’m waiting to see who’ll be the first to do that and no one got hurt, except for our cheering section of 3 people. Our opponents came to play. I think their key to success was that they scored more runs. As our assistant/wannabe coach, I would say the 1 major thing we lacked was proper hydration, there was a lot of effort shown and it was a good start to our season. It’d be nice to get a chance at them again in the playoffs when we’ve had a few games under our belt. Too bad we don’t have playoffs… or wear belts.