Britney finally gave the ax to Kevin. This is something people thought she would have done a long time ago, but it’s got to make you wonder why thinks worked for so long and why they ended with this timing. This could kill Kevin’s music career, I’m not sure he had too much of a chance to start with. I have listened to his new cd and it’s not bad, but now he has even more cards stacked against him, losing Brit’s fan base. I’m not sure who’s left to like him, the people that didn’t like Brit are gone and the people that don’t like Brit are gone, so I guess it’s up to the poeple that have never heard of him, but decide they like his music.

Anyways, why does everybody, including myself, get so caught up in pop culture. Maybe it’s because we wish we could live that lifestyle or because we haven’t gotten tired of hearing about them, since we never run into many famous people in Iowa. After reading up on what happens to these people on a daily basis, I’m glad I don’t live like them. Maybe I could just be one of those famous people that isn’t too famous and nobody recognizes, so that I could have the benefits, but now the downfalls. I know there are more important things than being rich and famous, but everyone would enjoy it to an extent.

There are a few different places I read up on celebs at. The first and best place is TMZ. This place usually is the first to report anything. Others include People and E! of course, but another one that I get a kick out of is TheSmokingGun. This place has all the documentation to prove the most recent news that has been reported, which most recently includes proof that Brit and Kevin married on a different day then they told everyone. But their claim to fame is the mug shots of celebs and things they require backstage at shows.

So if you thought you were up to date by reading the today section of the Des Moines Register, you’re wrong, check out a few of these places, but don’t get hooked .