The blog entries are taking a little longer to put up every week. I think we need a win to get the blogging community excited.  We were the closest we’ve been this week.  With only 3 outs left to seal the victory, we gave up about 6 or 8 runs in the last inning that we couldn’t answer to.  We put up a valiant effort and it was a good try.  2 of the things I don’t like to hear during sports games.  We were vastly improved though.

Nancy, Mike, Shannon, & Jacki filled some gaps in our lineup from missing people.  Some how everybody came up with kids to watch, a business trip to take, or something better to do, I can’t imagine that.  But our new faces, played very well.  Luckily Nancy never got hit to, and was able to focus on her at bats.  She crushed the ball a few times although 1 time she almost got passed while scoring from first base.  Mike even surprised himself with a couple of the plays he made at first.  We couldn’t get him to play anywhere else he liked it so much.  Shannon had an amazing catch behind the plate, on a foul ball.

Now we know what it takes to win and we’ll put a complete game together.  Once again thanks Keytstone for Always being smooth, even when we’re not, and unthank you to the Gully Keepers for showing up to our game to cheer us on.  You showed up just in time to make us lose.