The first couple innings of the home opener, the Grass Stains looked like a new team. We had our mascot back and a few changes in the lineup. Our pitcher, Mike Borcher, lead the team to a couple shutout innings, 1 of which was 3 up 3 down including a double play capped off by a behind the back tag by Mary Beth at third. A diving stab in left field by Berto, a nice fielding play by the, “I’ll show up when I feel like it”, Ashley Blue at second, and a nice catch by our catcher Lori Young on a play at the plate were the defensive highlights. Our defensive player of the game award goes to the home plate umpire and the backstop for their assistance to our catcher. Leading the offense with the best on base percentage for the day was Brian Galloway, with a 2 for 2 effort. Andy Grier and Joe Friedrichsen also had a decent day at the plate. Other participants were Lindsay Felberg, Michelle Leas, Kristen Friedrichsen, Matt Borcher, & Mrs. Borcher, who played an errorless right field.

We didn’t end up on top, but we are getting better. I believe the final was 14-9. The team did a better job with hydration, and are getting the bats warmed up a little. Our next game is against a “Drinking Team with a Softball Problem” next Thursday, September 11, at 8:30 PM. We hope to have a better crowd. Speaking of which our attendance probably doubled, more attendance from Dan Bourne’s family and even Nancy Schwertley made an appearance. Lastly, we’d like to thank our sponsors Keystone, “Always Smooth, Even When You’re Not” and the Ice House.

UPDATE (9/9/08 @ 2:30PM):  Brian may have led the team with an OBP of 100%, but he wasn’t the only one, Michelle Leas also went 3-3, and maybe a couple other people that I didn’t remember, which is probably due to 1 of our sponsors.