Employees are invited to the first softball game of the season on Thursday, August 28th. Team members include Ashley Blue, Mike & Matt Borcher, Daniel Bourne, Nolan Carson, Lindsay Felberg, Joel Friedrichsen, Brian Galloway, Andy Grier, Tyler Hughes, Julie Jansa, Mike Jung, Jacki Kehril, Michelle Leas, Berto Maia, Mike Peter, Nancy Schwertley, Teri Winkelbauer and Lori Young. The Burlington Grass Stains are playing Keep it Gully – a team comprised of staff members from All Our Kids. The rivalry has begun and the game is ON!!! We would love your support. The game begins at 9:30 at Kelley Complex off of 124th & Fort Streets. All games are played at Kelly Complex on Thursday nights. Please call Berto Maia if you need directions or a copy of the league schedule.

(compliments of the BCG Marketing Department, posted on the company intranet site)