I recently figured out Google Apps, and it has to be one of the coolest things. I’ve been a fan of Google since I first heard their name. I wish I would’ve bought some stock at the time. I’d love to have the opportunity to work for them. I’m sure you’ve heard about their bennies. They are in the top of the Fortune list. So anyways, back to this Google Apps stuff. I have recently added my Google blog, calendar, start page, docs and even GMail to my own domain, oneniner.com.

GMail is the coolest part of it all. By going to http://mail.oneniner.com I can log into my oneniner.com email addresses that I have created and named. The catch is GMail hosts them and it saves me the storage and work of having to host them myselves. And all this is FREE!!! I’m as google’s mercy as far as makeing sure the servers are up, but I don’t think that’s a bad gamble.

What’s next? I can’t beleive the ideas they come up with and how well they pull them off.