I’ve been waiting over a year to get an Android phone and today was such a fun day that it made it worth the wait.  I kinda wanted the G1 since it came out, but didn’t want to consider going to T-Mobile to get it.  Then at MWC 2009 the Hero was announced and I thought it was going to go to at least Sprint if not Verizon and I thought I would get it as soon as it came out.  Then as it got closer and closer I’d see something else that I wanted, but wasn’t quite ready to pull the trigger for one reason or another.  The Sprint Hero was a little ugly in my opinion and I read about something else.  Then it was the Droid, then the Eris, but during that time there was the “Passion”. I decided that was the perfect phone, it was fast, big, looked nice and was rumored to be on Verizon.  The months went by, yes months and we heard about the Nexus One that all the Google employees were showing off, then it came to light and mentioned Verizon as a future carrier.  I thought well that’s nice, but still months away.  What was weird was the Passion rumors continued, they started to change to a Bravo, then an Incredible was mentioned, then a Desire was annouced at this years’ MWC.  It is getting hard to tell them all apart.  I have finally decided now, that i believe the Incredible is coming to Verizon, hopefully in the end of March, otherwise early April.  That is going to be my phone, for sure this time.  I’ve dealt with Windows Mobile for far to long.  My first smart phone was a Moto Q, the day it released in June-ish 2006, then the Verizon vx6800 (HTC Titan) and just recently a HTC Touch Pro to get me by until this Incredible release.

So now to the fun part you’ve been waiting to hear.  Everyone gets that “rush” when they do something exciting.  I used to always get them in sports, but didn’t notice it anywhere else until I got my PS3 before the first Christmas before they came out.  Then it was getting my Wii, when they first came out as well as picking up another 3 over time for friends.  Something about getting/finding things before other people seems to give me that exhilarating feeling.  So today I was reading one of the forums I’ve been keeping up on for a few months waiting to find out more info about the Incredible.  it’s kinda fun hearing other people’s opinions on what is going to happen and every once in a while find a gem.  Things seem to come up there, before I read about them anywhere else.  Well today it was my turn.  I was looking through some picture found on Flickr that were taken with a weird model of HTC phone.  I took the dimensions of the picture and multiplied them to find that the camera was about an 8MP camera.  Way bigger than any other HTC phone so far.  People were already assuming it was either the Bravo, Desire, Supersonic, or Incredible.  I first starting trying to figure out their location from the pictures, then looked a little closer at the user names.  I put them after Twitter accounts until I found a match.  That Twitter account linked to a couple twitgoo pictures and a couple YouTube videos.  I put 2+2 together and found a video they had posted of this rumored “Incredible”.  I couldn’t believe that I was the first viewer of the video.  It caught me off guard.  The video had been posted 8 hours earlier, so I figured I must’ve been the first person to stumble upon it.  I posted the link to the forum and things just took off from there.  So far I’ve seen 3 pretty popular blogs it’s been posted on and many other small ones have reblogged it.  The person that tipped my post, was gracious enough to comment on the blog to make sure that I received credit.  I couldn’t believe it, my name mentioned for credit to a post.  The post was also pretty nice, acting like I did some research project to find the info.  There were a ton of tweets and retweets, mentioning the story.  Here’s the first 3 blog posts.




It got me wanting to blog more and tweet more often, to try to help out the community.  I loved that feeling and it really made me realize why so many people enjoy following technology.  So I guess I had my 15 minutes and I’ll turn it back over to everyone else for now, but I can’t wait to find something else out someday and hopefully next time, I’ll be doing it from my HTC Incredible.


Before I could even post my first edit, I saw that Engadget ran the story.  I tried to send them a tip as soon as I posted the video and 6 hours later they reposted the Phandroid blog post.  Oh well, atleast that one mentoins my name.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still really awesome.  I can still say I was mentioned on Engadget.  By the way, the original video and pictures were pulled, I really hope that no one got in trouble, that wasn’t the purpose.  I did make my own copy of the video just in case.  Also Engadget, it’s the Incredible, you should read the forum where we proved it.