Today just wasn’t my day. I play pitch everyday at lunch with a bunch of buddies I work with. I just started playing maybe a month or two ago, but have had some of my best memories I’ll take with me from Maytag. This place is full of good people, but nothing brings out the personalities of your friends then competing against them in something like cards everyday. I enjoy playing cards anyways. I have some great memories from when I started playing pitch with the boys on the way to HS baseball games. We played everything from 4 to 7 to 10 point. I had some long expensive nights playing poker in the dorms with the older guys my freshman year of college. One of my best friends came from that group of guys. When we first started working at Maytag we had a weekly poker night where we played Texas Hold’em and traded money with each other. Most recently I taught my girlfriend and a couple we hang out with the game of Eucre. Another classic that I picked up from college baseball. My main point of this is, how fun it can be playing cards with your friends. It gives me the chance to be competitive and have fun doing it. It is also one of those things that comes easy to me. I enjoy numbers and odds, and trying to use them to my advantage. I think I got that from my dad. He was the one that always helped me with my math homework when I was growing up. He also plays cards every Wednesday with his friends. I tried to play with them one night and realized pretty quickly that I wasn’t up to par on their games, but also that my dad was pretty good.

I also enjoy gambling on cards at the casino. I’m a huge fan of blackjack. I’ve figured out a way to make the odds a little closer to even. This doesn’t mean that I always win, but I enjoy having a big day every now and then, when my girlfriend allows me to go. I’m a $150 win streak for the last 2 times I’ve gone. I can’t remember 3 times ago, but I probably lost. I’ve competed in one Texas Hold’em tournament that had a $50 buy in. I ended up getting 6th and winning ~$300. I think it was begginners luck, because I don’t usually have that much luck playing hold’em at the casino.

I also enjoy card tricks. I’ve picked up a few tricks from my dad that always awe a crowd. I’m always trying to pick up more though.