Amy has for some reason decided to challenge me to a biggest loser competition. I guess she doesn’t think I’m doing well enough on my own, or maybe she just likes getting beat by me at things. After watching the last season of Biggest Losers, maybe she’s been tricked into thinking that a female will always win. About the only way she’ll win is if she pulls off the 45% or whatever it was that they did in the show.

So the rules are pretty easy. Highest precentage of weight loss in 6 weeks. No use of drugs or dietary supplements. No reason to mention exact weights, but I’m starting at 98 pounds more than her. Weigh ins are on Tuesdays, but really have no bearing until the final weigh in on June 3rd. Oh yeah and the prizes… The loser has to buy the winner a $50 gift of their choice in good taste obviously.

There are going to be a few tough distractions in that time, including our house warming party, a wedding for each of us and hopefullly some graduation parties. We are also hoping to run a 10k together during that time.

A couple possible distractions that would affect one of us more than the other, the release of Grand Theft Auto 4 vs the release of WiiFit. Hmmm, I wonder how much I’ll have to catch up from my time spent on the couch to her time working out infront of the TV. Point Amy 1-0. The next one would be the fact that she has class on Mondays & Tuesdays until schools out. Point Nolan 1-1. I have food provided at work forcing me to eat well during the day, but she eats well during the day anyways and my accessibility to food isn’t necesarily a good thing. Barely a Point to Amy 2-1. I have workout equipment provided at my work that’s free and get time during the day to use it. Amy has to pay a small fee to use their gym and it’s harder for her to get out of the office over lunch. Point Nolan 2-2. So I guess it’s going to come down to the line. A 2-2 battle doesn’t help me much, since I’ll have to lose more weight. So I guess maybe that’s to her favor, but I also have A LOT more weight to lose. It should be fun. I’ll be sure to post the winner.