So I’m trying to get into the whole blogging thing, but things don’t just come to me when I’m sitting front of the computer. I’m actually pretty creative usually. There’s alot to this blogging stuff that I don’t understand. First of all, who would want to read my blog. I’m not sure what I have that makes me that much different than anybody else. Maybe I should tell you a little about myself first.

I have a wonderful girlfriend named Amy. She is from Omaha, NE and still goes to school at Simpson College. Which is my Alma Mater. I played football and baseball there, and currently coach football (running backs). I also coach high school girls soccer in Newton. I’ve been doing the coaching thing for 4 years now and I’ve decided it’s a field that I’ll never be able to get out of. I’ll be coaching my great-great-grand kids at the sports that are invented by the time they are playing. And I’ll still be telling stories about the 2003-2006 soccer and football teams.

I am also an IT professional currently working for the Maytag Corporation. I started here in November 2003 as a temp and then was hired full-time 2 months later. I’ve been working as an IT Customer Support Analyst and was recently promoted to a level 2 analyst. I’ve worked in many different areas, but most recently in SAP Basis & web development, but continuing first and second level support to Maytag employees. We were recently acquired by the Whrilpool Corporation and my position has been transitioned. On March 1st, I will no longer be employed by Maytag/Whrilpool.

The name oneniner has a lot of meaning to me. It sounds like a silly screen name that I made up to be unique on the millions of sites that I have signed up on, but it comes from the number 19. When my dad was growing up the number 19 was lucky to his father (my grandfather). His father died when he was young, and therefor I never got to meet my grandfather on his side. When I was starting to play sports I was talking to my dad about what numbers I should choose. I always prefered 9, but never thought of double digit numbers as lucky until I had this talk with my dad. He was telling about the meaning that the number 19 had to him, so I decided to adopt the number as my number. So all though highschool sports I was number 19. The only sport I couldn’t be 19 was basketball because in high school nobody has any digits over 5 in their numbers, but for football, soccer, and baseball I wore the number. In football I started my carreer playing quarterback so the number fit my position perfectly, then my senior year I moved to playing defensive line. I was probably the only defensive linemen in the state wearing 19. The nickname Oneniner came from baseball season. It just kinda grew on me from hearing people say “lets go one-niner”. So I decided Oneniner is now my nickname. Nobody has ever called me that, but I have used it online every since ncarson was gone from the hotmail database in 1996.