I’m sure everyone has atleast heard of these to web giants right now. The debate comes to whether or not these sites give information out too freely or if they are a gateway for “bad things” to happen with younger users. I have accounts with both and would be confident in saying that you are in control of how much info is out there. Both sites do a good job of regulating thinks to a certain point so that you don’t accidently put information that you don’t want seen. Many people complain about the new features that FaceBook added which provide updates to friends on what is going on with your profile. Each of these features can be limited or disabled, so it’s kind of silly for someone to complain. This is one of the features that I think makes FaceBook better than MySpace. I’m also partial to the way that it networks your friends and makes searching a little easier, among other things.

I really have enjoyed both sites for the fact that I have been able to keep in touch with high school friends that I haven’t talked to in 10 years. This is by far the biggest reason that everyone should join. I would have to say that the quizes get a little old, but the customizations of the site can show your creative side. Feel free to add me and mention that you read about it from my blog. The links are off to the right.

So what other sites like this are out there? I’ve recently joined TagWorld, it is very similar, but near as popular yet. If you’re interested in soccer at all, Nike & Google have put together a pretty nice soccer version called Joga. The one that I have most recently looked into is WAYN. This site uses your geographical location and the trips you are making to associate people together. Kind of an interesting idea, when people travel and move so much. Lastly is LinkedIn. This is a site for networking from the business side. Where employees can find other employees they work with to use for references and information on other jobs or companies. Again I haven’t dug to deep yet, but I’m sure I will be here in a month or two when I get into the job hunt a little more.

So why didn’t somebody think of this years ago. I mean chat rooms have been popular forever. I wish I was Mr. MySpace right now. Someday I’m going stumble across, the thing that makes my millions.