I made it to my first couple girls high school games out here and I’m definitely impressed. The big city has some good teams. Nebraska is one of the other few schools that play HS soccer in the spring. Strangely enough for us Iowans, they play softball in the fall and baseball in the spring, so their aren’t any summer sports. Anyways back to the point, I made it to a couple Millard North games. 1 vs Omaha Burke and the other vs Millard South. Millard North is Amy’s Alma Mater and is currently ranked #1. They have already won their district and are headed to state in the largest class, Class A. I would like to see them play the best teams in Iowa. Their team is very comparable to WDM Valley (I only mention them, because I know the most about them). They are both 1 of the biggest schools around and have great club systems in the area.

They are just one example, but it has been evident to me that Omaha would be a great area to get back into coaching soccer. I don’t know much about the history or reputations of the teams in the area, but would think that anywhere in the area would be a good place to coach good soccer players and have the possibility of being successful every year. Their club system is also very competitive. There are a few different clubs around and also great facilities. I’ve met a few soccer people around her by playing indoor at Off the Wall. It’s nice to get a chance to play with some people from around here and have fun with it. There are always some competitive teams, but I enjoyed it. I even saw some apparel from Central Iowa, Grandview was represented well.

Speaking of which I just happened to run into one of my good soccer friends out here at a HS game. It’s always nice to go to a random game by yourself and happen to see someone from 150 miles away that you know well. Ventsi (Grandview college) and I sat and caught up a little bit, it was nice. He always gets me excited about the sport. I like how soccer is a sport that has such passionate followers, and Ventsi is one of those guys.

So I’m excited that I’m still in an area where I can get back into the game and see some great games, now I just have to do it.