I had the chance to attend the opening night game at TD Ameritrade Park.  The Creighton Bluejays played the Nebraska Cornhuskers in some frigid weather.  I’ve been to a lot of baseball games, but this was one of the coldest.  I even talked my wife into staying for the whole game.  Its a good thing, because it was a great game.  Creighton had a great chance to win in the bottom of the 8th with 2 outs, the bases loaded and their best hitter at the plate.  The freshman pitcher for the Huskers from Nebraska City, Ehlers, was able to strike him out to end the inning.  The Jays had another chance in the 9th, but left the runner on. 

The stadium is really nice, I was impressed by the size and atmosphere.  I think it will be hard for Creighton to get that many people there again, but it will be great for the College World Series.  A few more reserved seats, hopefully I can get some when the time comes.  I think parking will be just as big of a problem if not worse, but we didn’t have to much of a problem and I’m used to walking a ways at CWS games.  We sat in the upper deck and it seemed as though any seat had a good view and angle of the field.  I’m looking forward to enjoying some games there in nice weather.


I took a couple pictures and then a couple videos from my phone.  The first video is of Creighton taking the field and a brief scan of the stadium.  The 2nd is the first pitch of the game, it was a flyout to the right fielder.



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