Happy St Patty's Day everyone. It's hard to believe we're on week three already and with 2 workouts out of the way for this week, it seems like the rest can't be that bad. Week 2 flew by, we didn't have quite as good as results, but I can tell I'm getting stronger and the food changes we made are going a little easier (nothing too serious). We went to Kansas City to visit some friends last Friday & Saturday, the huge plate of BBQ ribs made it a little tough to stay on the diet, but I'll catch up for it. We also did a workout in the morning today so we could enjoy a green beer tonight. I'm not a huge fan of the morning workouts, especially plyo. I guess it doesn't matter when I do that workout, I still don't like it. It'll be the last time for a few weeks though.

I've had some good food due to the food plan we're doing along with the workouts. Amy and I used to got to Jimmy Johns for lunch once a week, well that has turned into salad at Jason's Deli. They have a pretty good salad bar for lunch. I hadn't eaten there before, but I like it. Still a little expensive, but not too bad. I also had a greek salad from Katie's that was pretty good. I tried an unwich from Jimmy John's, but I could see why they called it an unwich, it's nothing like their sandwiches. I could've ordered about 2 or 3 of them.

I've been trying to get Amy to blog on here once in a while, but she'd rather read what people are saying then complain because there aren't any more posts. I told her, she was the main problem. As Tony would say, "you can do anything for 30 seconds". So I'll keep trying to get her on here to atleast say hi and prove she's actually doing stuff.

Until next time, the word of the day is "Don't smash your face!"