Everybody has different taste in music and different reasons they listen to it. Music has a huge influence on my life. I could listen to music all the time. I enjoy rap, hip-hop & R&B the most. I use it for different reasons. First of all is the mood it can get me in. Whether it’s to relax, stay motivated, or get me pumped up. I enjoy to stay up on the whole hip-hop business. The beef that goes on in hip hop can sometimes be misinterpreted by who got shot and who’s going to the klink. I think it’s much more deep. If you’re interested here’s a couple sites to checkout… SOHH, AllHipHop, & HipHopDX. Remember that some of these sites are biased to certain groups and regions.

I enjoy new music the most. I love to crack open a new album or get my hands on it before it’s released and see which tracks I feel. Then to see if they are the ones that are released. This has been a pretty good year for new releases. Pharrell, JT, John Legend, & Beyonce dropped albums recently and then in November The Game, Jay-Z, Snoop, and don’t forget K-Fed drop albums this November. I’ve heard the Game and K-Fed cd’s and they are pretty good.

I was surprised about K-Fed’s if he’d just stop bitching about the media hating him, and listeners didn’t know about the bad press he’s been getting and that he’s with Britney, then I think his album would get a lot more credit.

As far as The Game, it’ll be interesting to see if the album sells like he’s been promising. I think it’ll do well, but it’s a tough time of year and he might have pissed a couple too many people off, either way I’m still a fan and getting the album on the first day.

As you could probably tell from the few cd’s that I mentioned, I’m a big fan of Pharrell, JT, John Legend, & Jay-Z. I’m looking forward to JT coming to the area. He’s going to be in Omaha and Ames. I’m trying to decide if it’s worth going to both. Another thing you can probably tell, is that I like all different kinds of music and I don’t care if people know it. I’ve been a fan of JT since day 1 of *NSYNC. I was originally a fan of Lance, but once JT went solo I changed my mind.