We had huge turn out for the pregame party. Berto, Michelle, and I had a couple drinks and I think ate about 4 hot dogs. I’m not sure if it helped since I don’t remember the outcome and Berto stole the score book. I believe we won the next game on 10/9, then just barely lost the finally by the mercy rule. It’s too bad we had to make up the rain game as the last game, just when we thought we were going to win 2 in a row that team showed us how slow pitch softball is supposed to be played.

To sum the season up, I would say that our team had a lot of fun. That’s kinda like when you talk about a blind date as being nice. It’s also like the experience that the fat chick has while playing dodge ball… it was fun. There were a few highlights. Double plays, diving catches in the outfield, a home run that bounced off the top of the fence and went over, an entertaining catcher for our team that we didn’t even know, camping under fly balls in the outfield that would hit the ground untouched, catching a one hop throw to the plate and celebrating while the runner comes home, pulled hammies (yes plural), new players every week, a few of which asked why we were wearing gloves and which hand they go on, coaching batters how to just hold the bat on their shoulder, having to take beer out of our dugout multiple times, playing music too loud when we weren’t playing, an umpire that loved to punch people out even if they weren’t out, sliding into home with no throw with a ripped up knee, having at least 5 people play 1st base in 7 games, a player that got put on waivers, breaking phones while tackling girls at 3rd base, out gestures by a pitcher, a great catch by our catcher, and many others that aren’t coming to my mind right now.

In closing, It was a blast and we’re going to have to get a team together for next year. Now that we have our freshman season under our belts, the sophomore should be better. It was also nice to get a chance to know a few more people outside of the office and I was glad to see so many different people give it a try, but I think I’d have to agree with Michelle when she said, “it’s a good thing we didn’t have our company name on the jersey’s”.