RAGBRAI officially gets started on Sunday.  Everybody is starting to get into town and get prepped, I can't wait.  Saturday night there is a big concert with the Bare Naked Ladies in Council Bluffs, that I heard could have 30,000 people.  That would be the only way to get RAGBRAI kicked off.  A couple of my friends aren't going to join us until a couple days in, but I'm excited to meet Team Fast As Hell and see everyone else that comes out.  I always find people I know at RAGBRAI.  Since this is my first year, I will have to do all the Virgin stuff.  I know I atleast have to get my legs marked up, we'll see if there's anything else.  I'm just hoping my legs can make it through the week.  I've pretty much decided, that they have to, no matter how long it takes me to get through the days.  I also don't know exactly what to pack yet.  I've read the checklists, and I tend to overpack, but I don't want to be the guy that brings way too much stuff or forgets something obvious.

As I always do, I'm going to try to incorporate tech into the ride.  I'm planning on tweeting during the week as long as I can keep a charge on my phone or ipod.  I found a way to constantly show my location with Google Lattitude.  So you can check the map below anytime during the week and be able to tell where I'm at (again, if I can keep my phone charged).  You can also stay updated by following the twitter feed to the right, by visiting http:\\twitter.com\oneniner or checking my facebook page .  I'm hoping to upload a few pictures to there and track how I'm doing.  So feel free to text me if you're in the area, but I may not get back right away.