I’ve enjoyed the blogging and social networking, but I don’t really have the type of personality to always talk about myself or to start conversations.  I’m more the type that likes to jump in when I think I have something good to offer, but I often don’t want to intrude either.  These lines have changed a lot with social networking.  With so much information being in the open and so many different kinds of relationships being formed, things are different now than they were even when I first joined Facebook in like 2005 or whenever it was.

I’ve gotten more and more social on Facebook over time with my friends.  But I haven’t really opened up my Facebook to much more than people that I know.  Sure some of them are people I went to high school with and haven’t talked to in 12 years, but still I could put names on a picture with all of them.  It’s nice seeing where everyone is.  I still don’t post much myself, but I’ll occasionally comment on other peoples posts.  But then I have this different network of people on twitter.  I follow different people, most of which I couldn’t recognize if I saw them in person.  There are only a few that I know.  But I still like to share with them and see what they are doing in the community.  I like to follow people from places I have ties to.  For example Newton, Des Moines, Simpson College, Hawkeyes football, RAGBRAI, and now Omaha.  There are really interesting people in Omaha and all the time I’ll find someone else from here that has Iowa ties or is interested in the same stuff that I am.  There really is a booming tech/entrepreneur scene here.  There are some very creative individuals that are very active in promoting everyone in the area.  The one group in particular is Silicon Prairie News.  They started a conference called BigOmaha in town with some great speakers last year and I wouldn’t expect any less this year.  I haven’t had the guts to go to one of the tweetups or anything else related to the events, but someday I will hopefully put faces on all these people I have been following.

One of the reasons I’m reaching out now is to try to help out anyone in my network that needs it.  I’m going to post this to Facebook, but if you have a blog you want read let me know, I’m always looking for new stuff to read.  I just started adding a few of my friends blogs to my blog roll linked on the right.  It rotates through them if you’d like to see yours listed I’d be happy to add it.  Also over time I’m going to mention a few of the things that I do online and see if anyone wants to connect there.  For example if you have a twitter account, tumblr blog, youtube account, or play the same PS3 games as me I’ll connect with you on there as well.  I could always use someone to play CoD:MW2 with.  I tried to link most of my accounts on the links tab above, but it’s quite the mess right now.  As with most of my website, it needs some cleaning up, I try to gradually do a little bit at a time since I do have a full time job doing other stuff.