So I’m trying to develop a new webpage, but I keep on getting distracted by other stuff. Does anybody else find it hard to concentrate on one thing when their sitting in front of their computer. I have 3 instant messanger programs going, atleast 3 email addresses I receive email on, then MySpace & FaceBook which are as addicting as crack. Let alone I’m trying to stay up on this blog thing and my gf keeps texting me on my cell. I guess it’s just a sign of the times, that technology has made people so readily available. I guess I don’t really mind, but my webpage is falling behind. Enough ranting about that.

There are a ton of other cool things technology wise that keep my away from the work I want to do. Here are a few, let me know in your comments if you have any others. The first 3 sites were recommended by my buddy G. He and I are co-workers in the IT department.

LifeHacker – this site has all kinds of tricks and kinds of software to make things easier.
Engadget – a cool site with all the newest in technology gadgets. I really shouldn’t be looking at this site, cause I love gadgets.
FatWallet – the place to go to find deals on the coolest gadgets, and anything else as far as that goes, you need cheap toilet paper in Texas, look here first.
Slashdot – News for Nerds, enough said.

There’s a few other’s I go to, but I can’t think of them. If you ever need to know how to fix something, be sure to do a search on Google or the site for the source of your problem. I’m sure somebody out there has had the same problem before. Even though sometimes we feel like we have to of been the first. This will save your uncles, brother’s, nephew’s friend that works on computers some time if you can solve it on your own, trust me.

Google, is a whole other topic I’ll have to discuss some other time. I love that place. They have done some incredible things and I’m looking forward to what they have up their sleeves.