So I’m about the most pumped I’ve been for a volleyball game. The Simpson Volleyball team is playing Maryville (TN) @ Wash U in the STL (wow, a lot of abbrv.). They won both the regular season conference and the conference tournament. Which I have to make sure I note they FTD twice. Swept them both times. I was there for both of them it was awesome!! I’m trying to figure out if there is going to be a webcast for the game. I wish I could’ve gone, but it didn’t work out with my jobs. So hopefully they win the region, then maybe they’ll get to host something down the road. I also wanted to mention that I was reading the press release on their website and their coach said a couple things that I wouldn’t necessarily want posted on the web. Tell me if you would want your name next this statement… “I joked about playing big corn-fed girls from the Midwest and — and they really are good-sized girls out there — but the other coaches laughed…”. I’ll be honest with you, I’ve seen these girls and they may be tall but I wouldn’t go as far to say they are “big corn-fed girls”.

While we’re on the subject of volleyball, my sister finished her first season as a head coach for the Eagle Grove (IA) Eagles Volleyball team. They didn’t quite qualify for the National Tournament, but they had a good season. I’m really proud of my sister and what she’s done as a coach and person. It can be hard to walk into that situation, but she tackled it the best way possible. So best of luck to her, maybe some of the Eagles will be playing for the Storm in the future.

Back to Simpson women’s athletics. The women’s soccer team won conference this year and had a player named MVP of the IIAC. The coach also got coach of the year.

So I’m looking forward to a good year in women’s athletics at Simpson.