I'm really liking my new phone.  today is it's 1 week birthday.  Yeah I know kinda cheesy, but I hadn't really showed it off yet.  I'm still downloading apps like crazy and the battery makes me stop playing with it in the early evening.  But I guess the 14 hours I'm getting now is better than the 8 or 9 I got when I first got it.  I'm starting to learn what I really need to have running and learning how to manage the battery a little better.  I could still get better results, because I still play with it quite a bit.

Its crazy to me that I've been on twitter for so long, and I'm just starting to experience twitter, since I am notified immediately by mentions and I can check updates easier.  I still need to organize all my contacts and calendar.  Before I had used my work Exchange account since I was on Windows Mobile for like 4 years.  But now I'm trying to keep my personal stuff in Google and my work stuff in Exchange, but it's not an easy transition.  Then to throw in that it adds my Facebook contacts.  I have a mess on my hands when trying to find someone's phone number.

This phone is so much faster than any other phone I've had before.  For so long I hated on the iPhone, because I could do almost everything it could on my WinMo phones that I had for years before he iPhone came out.  Sure I was missing a few apps, but I had everything I needed and a few things the iPhone didn't including exchange support, which was most important at the time.  Then my HTC WinMo phones started to seem slower and slower to do cool stuff on them.  So I was amazed the first time I touched the Incredible.  It just blazed compared to anything I had played with.  Especially my 2nd Gen iPod Touch.  Which gave me my fill of iPhone apps for the time being, but I don't see any reason to touch it again, unless I just use it as music player for my car.

Music is another thing I need to organize on my phone.  I had to convert to iTunes for my iPods and now I'm at another turning point, where I'm kinda stuck in iTunes, but it's not the best for my phone.  I'm planning on setting up Double Twist, I just haven't gotten around to it, because I'm wanting to clean up the tags on my music and back it up.  And to be honest, I use Google Listen for podcasts and Pandora to stream music, that I don't really miss my music library on the iPod.

I'm sure I'll have more to say about the phone some day, but that's enough for today.  I'm just stoked to have it.  Do the kids still say stoked, oh well, I bet the kids wish they had an Incredible.